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Sunday, August 14, 2011

bile boring, ape pon xbolehhhhhhlllll

ooookkk, dah lame x update ape2 pon kat blog ni kan. ape org kate, blogger yang tidak berkarisma.
enuff said. now i'm trying to be part of the blogger world again despite the laziness and the busyness of my daily life.
Rasenye dah staun camtu lah kot blog ni langsung xdisentuhkan. ni semua sebab ambo dah kerja.hehe. I started to write blog is when i was unemployed, just finished my diploma and totally have nothing to do with my leisure time ( more like "org xde keje" time ).

Banyak bende yang dah terjadi sejak setaun ni, ade yang seronok, ade yang kurang seronok, sedih, marah, stress, dan mcm2 lagi lah. and this past year i think is the most responsible year for me where i learnt the value of money, family, love and friends. friends come and go, money flushed away like it was nothing and the true meaning of being stress out of work. yeah i got that a lot until now.bukan yee. ter emosi

Tapi, taaapiiiii. i am the same old me. masih lagi akisodapop yang masih gile game, gile komik, gile musik and gile vavi. ehh.x x, vavi tu bukan ye, teremosi lebih skit tadi. hehe. so sekarang dah mule untuk pandai manage mase from work, leisure time and sleeping time. i now trying to write again.

Ape ape pon, i'm back now and give me the chance to be a blogger again aite.
pissssssssss outttt!!!

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